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As a freelance editor, I worked on a wide variety of projects, including trade fiction and non-fiction, college- and university-level textbooks, web copy, PhD theses, academic books, papers, and journals, and online educational products. This work has included copy editing, line editing, substantive editing and writing reader reports, copy-to-copy proofreading, cold proofreading, fact-checking, permissions research, and project management.

Copy Editing
The copy edit deals with the mechanics of the text: the manuscript is reviewed for (at minimum) correctness, consistency, and clarity with respect to grammar, punctuation, usage, style, and spelling.

Proofreading/Cold Reading
The proofread is a review of formatted material; the edited text is checked against the manuscript to ensure that it has been formatted correctly and that there are no remaining typographical errors or other mistakes. The cold read is the final review, and differs from the proofread in that the text is not checked against an earlier version to ensure that nothing has been omitted.

Fact Checking
As the manuscript is reviewed, quotations, facts, references, and citations are checked for accuracy and consistency.

Substantive, Stylistic, and Line Editing
Whether an author is turning a thesis into a book or polishing his or her next novel, the substantive edit clarifies matters of style and overall structure prior to the submission of the manuscript, to ensure that the work is lucid, concise, and logical.

Permissions Research
Permissions research can be daunting and time consuming for authors. As a permissions researcher, I have researched and contacted rights-holders and negotiated fees for permissionable material used in specific books.

A good index can greatly enhance readers’ experience of a book or website, permitting them to access specific and relevant items within your topic as efficiently as possible. I have experience in constructing, formatting, and editing indexes according to the desired length and depth.

Please contact me for a full resume by using the contact form here.